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Global Stock Market Returns, 2011 Edition.

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

From Barry Ritholtz’s blogsite, the Big Picture.

Beezer here.  Ritholtz recently made Inc.’s top ten market blogsites with the Big Picture, and he’s worth a read just about every day.  But what does this chart portend?  Most markets are down quite a bit.   China is down more than 20% and supposedly sports annual growth rates north of 8%–a slow year for China.  Yet the US broke even with projections of about 2% growth for 2012.  Who knows?  But if 2012 shows continued weakness in other markets, we’re not very constructive for the US market because all those other markets will be in Depression level declines.  Can the US market make headway under such circumstances?  I’m thinking no.  On the other hand, if those markets begin to recover, then the US market will do well too.  My bet is the latter possibility is more likely.  It will no doubt be bumpy, but what else is new. 

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